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Img_8988A dear woman in Arcadia told me that the town’s name means "a little bit of heaven." I wasn’t surprised. I felt like I was in heaven! 

I spent the weekend with 172 amazing Wonder Women who thanked me for blessing them when I was the one most blessed. The Super Power made Himself clearly visible to us. He set His bow in the sky and set the sun in a spectacular display. More photos are in the photo album on the left of the page. If you can’t download the photos, email me at melphd@aol.com and I would be glad to send them to your email. We were also treated to a heavenly banquet. The food was simply scruptious!

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to pour out my heart to you this weekend. You’ve filled it back up to overflowing. Because of your generosity, almost $600 will be donated to LFCS.

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