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Img_9068For the first time in 12 years, I am not looking forward to a new baby. I’m in a new season of life full of homeschooling, writing, speaking, church projects, and decluttering.

My oldest boys are in a new season, too. We’ve been involved in soccer for five or six years (can’t remember which!). I’ve never been super excited about freezing my franny off on cold Saturday mornings OR about looking frantically for the field my dh gave me the wrong directions for. For the last few years, the boys have become infatuated with football. I’m secretly delighted by this.

Football had my dad and I on the same playing field growing up. He taught me the rules and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Flag football is a mother’s dream come true. I don’t fear having my son leave the field on a stretcher, though flag football is certainly not risk-free. Flag is also well-suited to my mostly smaller sons. To top it off, all the games (and now even the practices!) are at the same place and the same time–Friday night! Friday night football brings back all those wonderful high school memories. I found myself wondering if I’d be spending time with any of the players after the game–just like I did in high school. Turns out I was lucky tonight. Three of the cutest guys came home with me. And it’s no wonder. I WAS their loudest cheerleader.

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