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I love hand-washing my dishes that I don’t put in the dishwasher with a soapy scrubber. One thing I always hand wash is knives. My second son had a little artery cutting incident with a knife in a dishwasher that I’ve never forgotten! But I digress.

My husband and I keep buying new scrubbing sponges for our scrubber and they get to be expensive. We’ve tried the cheap ones and they fall apart within a week. That’s even more expensive! My other frustration with them is the soap you fill them with flows down the drain.

I finally got one that looks just like this at Target! It was a little over $5 and the soap does NOT leak out! You just push the button and a very small amount of soap leaks out (that’s all you need anyway!). It uses a fairly soft brush, so my only complaint is that it’s harder to really muscle off the stuck-on food, BUT you can use the back as a scraper just as I could with the cheap sponge. Unless my husband overdoes it (as he does while brushing his teeth; his toothbrushes testify!), these brushes should last at least five times longer if not ten than my old scrubbers. Plus my dish soap is greatly conserved!

Happy dish scrubbing!

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