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Img_4532_edited1 This is NOT a picture of coupons, but of E checking out a zoo map. I was too tired to take a pic of my coupons. lol

Fourteen years ago I gave coupon clipping a go. I just didn’t have the time for such a small amount of money I decided. Then a couple of years ago I heard a talk by a woman who was not only able to save a ton of money on groceries, but was able to donate a lot to charity. Liked the sound of it, but still didn’t see how I had the time or organization to handle it. I have a friend (Christina!) who is also very good at it, but it was only a few months ago that I began to seriously consider how much money we were wasting. Our grocery bill for 8 people at an expensive store with no coupon or savings strategy has been staggering.

Last week I read about couponing again on an email loop and for the first time I was very, very interested. Perhaps I am finally getting organized enough that I can really contemplate it? Or maybe the prospect of feeding 6 teenagers is scaring me! Whatever it is, I wanted to give it a shot. I printed a bunch of coupons online, clipped some from my newspapers, retrieved cash register coupons I’d always pitched, and found some very old coupons (yes, we’re talking at least 10 years) with no expiration date. Tonight I was dying to get out and shop with my coupons, but wouldn’t you know it, my sitter couldn’t stay late enough for me to shop alone. So off I went to the grocery store with six kids.

I can’t figure out exactly how much I saved total because my receipt doesn’t list the regular and sales prices, BUT with coupons alone I saved over $48! I got a free loaf of bread,a free can of formula, and I bought 14 boxes of cereal for 1/3 of its regular price. Yes, I will have to store this, but it’s worth it! My total grocery bill was about 40% of what it normally is and my cart was full. I was so excited! My heart was pounding because I thought sure they were going to take me to jail. LOL! The cashier was gone for about 10 minutes checking out my coupons. I felt soooo sorry for the woman in line behind me. My S said, "Mom, they’re gonna think you’re crazy with these coupons." I said, "Oh don’t worry, honey, people already do."

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