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Img_4362_edited1_2 I finally got the picture problem worked out. Hooray! This is a picture of Elaina’s room complete with a few exceptions. I still have to paint the picket fence shelf hanging on the left white, have to order a photo to hang in a white oval frame to the left of it. Have to decorate the trash can and a white tissue box. Have to put the white knobs with flowers and butterflies on the dresser. You can just barely see the flower hamper sticking out far left. That’s what I have to finish, but look how much work Elaina has left to do…Img_4366_edited1 She loves to strip the picket fence wallies and to rearrange the flowers, bees, and butterflies…usually sticking them to her dresser. She climbs up on the dresser and grabs all the little treasures off the picket fence shelf. She also took the little girl statue off her bookshelf and broke her head off. I can’t even tell you what she’s done to the carpet. Img_4365_edited1 Plan B is to wait until she’s a year or so older before reapplying the border. My alternative title for this post was, "My Daughter the Stripper." If you need wallpaper stripped, she’s your girl.

Img_4364_edited1This is the only wall she hasn’t touched. Maybe it’s because the God plaque is hanging over it? lol

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