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Img_5473_edited1This is me. I’m confused, I’m down the drain and I have egg on my face. Allow me to explain. My almost 3yo dd has reduced me to this. After another long day of her destructiveness and strong will, I was thrilled to sit down with the kids and watch a holiday movie. It was a family friendly feature that allowed for some fun discussion and some laughs. My 3yo was in and out of the room being cuddly and cute with her baby doll. I didn’t realize that she was setting me up. As the movie ends, she walks into the room holding this crazy looking bag with one hand and trying to stop the drizzles of goo with the other. I shrieked, "WHAT IS IT?" The boys told me it was an animal puppet from our animal classification unit this fall. Okay. "WHY IS IT DRIPPING?" I ran it into the kitchen to discover that she’d filled it with eggs she’d cracked. She’s a clever thing. I’m sure she realized that eggs go with birds, right? They apparently go well with kitchen floor tile and parquet flooring, too. With her antics I feel like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and believe me I’d like to fly the coop!   

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