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Img_6976I have been so long in posting because I have been so busy with Cropping for Newborns. But I’m back! The Lord blessed the crop and used it in my spiritual growth for sure. Now that it’s over, I am so excited about writing (I’m working on my book again), photography, and organizing.

I bought a flash diffuser from www.garyfong.com that was recommended by Cindy Tiefenbrunn of www.cindysphoto.com at the crop. I still need to play with exposure, but so far I am thrilled with it.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about my dear father in love, too. He’s 82 years young and a huge blessing to our family. He has dinner with us about once a week on average and the kids love having him. He is also our back-up driver when we can’t take every kid to a sports practice. He’s amazingly healthy, walking every morning and working part-time in the business he started and later turned over to his son (my dh’s brother). Today he was excited about his new glasses. He wasn’t as excited that they seemed to stay in sunglass mode inside. He also wasn’t excited about the movie we rented for him skipping. Maybe he was already less than excited about watching it while the baby played with his loud musical train in the room. And the kids fighting. Maybe that’s why he left early. LOL   

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