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When your sink and table are clean, the kitchen floor becomes top priority. When my floor is free of sticky, spilled juice, chicken nuggets, and yogurt smears, I’m happy! I have tried just about every kind of mop there is to clean my older tiled floor and I haven’t been satisfied. My floors require some serious scrubbing! When I’m done mopping, I’m exhausted like I’ve been running lots of laps!

I didn’t have a floor fairy come and mop, but I did order a floor friend–the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800. Just as there is no one who’s a friend for all, the FloorMate won’t be for everyone. But, I’d like to tell you why I love it. In the same amount of time it took me to mop, I have a much cleaner floor and I’m not breaking a sweat. You do have to go over and over the really dirty areas, but it’s not hard work. No bending and no running to the bucket or sink required. It will NOT deep clean grout. It has a grout attachment that worked wonders on my dark-brown grout. So good was the attachement that I discovered my grout is really tan. I’m okay with it staying dark brown. 🙂 If you’re not, you may want to forget the FloorMate and stay on your hands and knees. Honestly, though, the FloorMate gets your floor cleaner than scrubbing by hand. The dirty water is suctioned up as you scrub and you use MUCH less water than you do mopping. You squirt the water as needed while you clean. I can do a huge area of tile with just one container of water.

I did consider the Scuba robot mop. But I have so many doorways, the cost of all the infrared walls would have been prohibitive. I also didn’t like the thought that it might get stuck and fail to get the job done. I’ve gone from despising to mop to actually really enjoying it! I don’t use the vacuum. I use a Eureka Quick Up (or I should say the kids do) for that and a broom. You don’t have to dry the floors either, but if you do, you’ll pick up even more dirty water.

Thank you for being a friend, FloorMate.

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