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Gonewiththewind1I was wed 14 years ago today (yes, on the 4th!) and the years have flown by. I made him a scrapbook all about him that I ordered from QVC. I cannot say enough about this album series from Creating Keepsakes. I thought it would be dull to put it together according to the instructions, but it was a huge time saver and was so Factsaboutmark1chock full of creative ideas, all I had to do was add some photos and some elbow grease. I did add a couple of my own touches, including a list of 14 things Mark would never say and 14 Markisms. He was laughing so hard at these he was practically in tears. I have NEVER given him a gift that he appreciated this much. I love my man and I’m so glad I got to express it in a language he could understand. 

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