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One thing I have in abundance at my house is books! My husband sells them and I buy them. We’re homeschoolers and that makes for an abundance of books, too. I have so many books that I’m not really sure which books I actually own! If I’m looking for a book to lend or a book on a specific school subject, I’m not sure how hard to look or even where in the house to look! I decided the answer to the problem was a cat. A Cue Cat that is.

A Cue Cat is a very inexpensive bar code reader that can quickly input your personal library into the free cataloging website, www.librarything.com. I have mine attached to my laptop computer so I can go from room to room cataloguing books. With LibaryThing, you can search through your personal library of books, noting where they are in your house with a tag, even keeping track of books you’ve lent to others. Then like a Blockbuster or Netflix, LibaryThing can tell you what books you’d enjoy based on what you already own. There are groups aplenty on LibaryThing, too.

Imagine the possibilities! Form a group with your family, your neighbors, your coworkers, your church, or your homeschooling friends and suddenly you have a fantastic virtual library from which to borrow and lend–that is, if you want to! You can check out a small portion of my personal libary (uploading everything to the site will take some time!) underneath the weekly menu on the left. If you join Library Thing or its competitor, www.shelfari.com, let me know! I’d love to talk books with you. I have only checked out Shelfari a bit today, but so far I’m more fond of LibraryThing. If you disagree, post and tell me why.

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