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Me_at_one_copy This is me at one year. I am so thrilled with how this LO turned out. And thrilled I’ve been making the time to scrapbook. Most of the things on the page are from Wild Asparagus and I just love their stuff. Of course, I’m not thrilled with this scan. I don’t know why I can no longer get a good scan. I’ve tried scanning all four corners or just merging two sides and this is always what I get. Ah well. I don’t have a gray block on top of my head in the real thing. 😉

I have just one year to get my baby album done in time for my 40th birthday. I’m excited that my mom is going to journal for me and her memories will go underneath the picture.

I am fascinated looking at this picture because I now see what others just pointed out to me — Nicholas looks just like me! I think that’s a first. 🙂

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