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Feet2 Several years ago I went shopping and discovered when I got to the car that I hadn’t paid for a cheap pair of earrings. I was running late and the wind was fierce. I chose to avoid the wind and keep the earrings, but winds of guilt blew through my soul for years afterward.

Today I was at the same store and discovered a book underneath all the bags. I told myself I’d paid for it and started to put it in the car. I sighed when I noted that It was a book on loving God’s word, the Bible. I checked my receipt and sure enough, I hadn’t paid for it. I remembered those earrings oh so long ago and made my way back to the store. I quickly paid for the book and as I was walking out of the store, the rain began pouring down. I ran to my car sans umbrella and found myself completely soaked. I laughed and shed a few happy tears.

See, I knew the Lord was telling me that I although I had to spend a little extra time and had gotten soaking wet, I had a clean conscience. Hallelujah!

when I returned home, the kids had a blast playing in the rain and I took a picture of my little guy’s feet. Both our feet are happy: his for the freedom of playing in the rain, and mine for the freedom that comes from following Jesus.

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