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Img_5312_edited2 My baby boy is one. I am tempted to think this is my last first birthday to celebrate with a child of my own. I am tempted to be melancholy. But I’ve had five other babies and I know this isn’t the last first for him or for me. The first step, the first haircut, the first time using the toilet, even the first word is still ahead for him. No, it isn’t the last first, but I hope his first year lasts a long time. He is a delightful little patriotic soul. lol He found this little flag and loved it. He is easygoing and a great sleeper. Maybe that is why he and S have a strong connection. Now what on earth is going on with my camera? It seems to be a setting on my flash and I do not have the time with Thanksgiving being this week to figure it out. I guess I should before the holiday though, huh?

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