Are you a Christian homeschool mom who plans to get organized this year?  

Whether you don't know where to start, can't seem to find the time to get organized, or have trouble being consistent, The Organized Homeschool Life is the answer!  

Imagine the peace of mind you'll enjoy this year with a realistic plan for organizing every area of your homeschooling life.

The Organized Homeschool Life book is for moms who just need a plan to get them started with 15-minute missions.

The Organized Homeschool Life planner is for moms who struggle to find even 15 minutes in their day for organizing.

Organized Homeschool LIVE is for moms who need accountability to be consistent in organizing all year.

Yes, I need more than a book & planner!

Organized Homeschool LIVE is for moms who need accountability to put the Organized Homeschool Life book and planner into action. 

It kicks off with a hands-on, scheduled online event that will get you and your kids organizing and connecting in the process. The challenges are short and fun but will make a big impact in your home and life this year and every year!

We will complete the most important challenges for creating a peaceful, orderly home together live, January 3rd, 2020. In just one day, you can experience a dramatic difference in your home!

You'll have the most fun completing the challenges with our private Facebook group on January 3rd, but you can complete the one-day boot camp any time that works for your family.

The accountability and fun of the boot camp continues with organizing devotions and 5-minute missions through March.

The Organized Homeschool Life Facebook group is one of the most practical, helpful, and encouraging groups on Facebook! Melanie Wilson is the perfect leader because she is a step ahead of all of us who are still seeking to get our homeschool lives organized. I absolutely love the 5-minute organizing challenges, the "wins" that other members share so we can cheer them on, and all the timely advice that Melanie shares that I can put into effect that very day!

- Gena Mayo, homeschool mother of eight, founder of Music in Our Homeschool

These key challenges during Organized Homeschool LIVE will make 2020 your most organized year ever!

Challenge #1: Daily Devotions - You'll experience more peace as you connect with God personally, as a family, and as a couple.

Challenge #2: Daily Routine - You'll use a simple practice to get your home tidy and get dinner on the table fast that you'll want to use day after day.

Challenge #3: To-Do List - You and your kids will learn a fun, motivational way to complete your most important school and personal tasks quickly.

Challenge #4: Decluttering - You and your kids will let go of unused belongings with a low-stress process you'll all use for a lifetime.

Challenge #5: Memory Keeping - You'll preserve and enjoy precious photos without scrapbooking. But if you love to scrapbook, you'll learn how to make time for it this year.

Challenge #6: Chores - You'll use one of three simple strategies for getting your whole house clean in a hurry. No complicated chore charts required!

Challenge #7: Parenting - You'll quickly connect with your kids using this simple approach. They'll love it and will want to do it weekly! As you practice it, you'll notice fewer sibling squabbles.

Bonus Challenge - You'll plan special time for yourself or to connect with your spouse. You'll complete this bonus challenge feeling energized and ready to homeschool another year!

Ongoing Organizing Missions - You'll keep the momentum going through March with devotionals focused on creating an ordered life and 5-minute missions you'll complete with our private group.

Are you committed to completing these challenges on your own, without the accountability of Organized Homeschool LIVE? Then grab your digital copy of The Organized Homeschool Life for just $7. That's 30% off the regular price! If you decide you need the accountability of the group to complete the challenges, I'll apply your $7 purchase to your ticket for Organized Homeschool LIVE. It's a no-risk way to start organizing your homeschool life now.

I want the Organized Homeschool Life for just $7!

Boot camp participants will receive group coaching from psychologist, productivity expert, and veteran homeschooling mom, Dr. Melanie Wilson.

Dr. Wilson was a Christian psychologist who left her practice for a higher calling more than 20 years ago: homeschooling her six children.  

Melanie was once so disorganized that she knew she would have to stop homeschooling and accept that her family was complete at three children.  

Then Melanie found the power of routines and 15-minute missions and everything changed. She wrote about her transformation in Woman’s Day magazine and later wrote The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner.  

Where once she struggled to get the laundry, dinner, and lessons done, Melanie now teaches thousands of homeschooling moms how to achieve homeschool sanity through her popular podcast and Great Homeschool Convention sessions around the country.

Now she is offering families a powerful new way of getting organized through Organized Homeschool LIVE.  

In addition to live, ongoing coaching, your boot camp ticket includes:

  • Pre-event training and a challenge resource list to help you get the most out of Organized Homeschool LIVE 
  • Printables to help you work through the day's challenges that can be reused to organize your life all year
  • A private community for organizing inspiration, information, and friendships that will continue well beyond the live event.

You'll also receive these valuable bonuses!

  • The Organized Homeschool Life DIGITAL PDF with 52 challenges that will organize every area of your homeschool life this year. Value - $10
  • The Organized Homeschool Life DIGITAL PDF planner to help you find time to complete each of the challenges in the book and be more productive and consistent. Value - $20
  • A discount on a future purchase of the PRINTOrganized Homeschool Life book and planners and the spring Organized Homeschool LIVE boot camp. Print materials require a separate purchase. Value - $27
  • The fitness and nutrition challenge. What if you not only got organized this year but met your exercise and weight loss goals too? You'd have all the energy and focus you need to homeschool and care for your family. This bonus session, only available with your boot camp ticket, will give you the biblical wisdom you need to make this dream a reality. Value - $20
I want the boot camp and $77 in bonuses for just $47!

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Join us to experience the organized homeschool life in 2020.