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100_6892This is the picture of my scrabooking space. It doesn’t look this neat at the moment, but my goal is to have it back to this picture this week!

On my desk you see a Scraprack I ordered from www.thescraprack.com. It revolutionized my scrapbooking and even got me organized in the rest of the house. The Scraprack is really just a huge velcroed base that holds many, many velcro 3-ring binders (without the binders). Most of my scrapbooking supplies are organized into the pockets and pages that are a part of my Scraprack.

The Scraprack philosophy is to organize in four sections: alphanumeric (I include misc. titles here), calendar/seasons (I put holidays here), alphatical categories (B for baby and birthday, for example), and finally a rainbow section. Anything that doesn’t go in the previous 3 sections is stored by its color and in rainbow order (Red/pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). I finish the section with naturals (white, brown, tan, black, grey, woods, metals).

The benefits of organizing in this way was that I realized I had more stuff than I could ever use (still do!); I could quickly find what I already owned so I could stop buying (I have); and, I could easily see items that went together. I adore my Scraprack and what it’s done for my scrapbooking. But I didn’t realize how it would affect the rest of my home.

I decided to organize my closet by the colors of the rainbow, too! Now I have all my clothing in rainbow order. The benefits are the same as for scrapbooking. I now realize that I don’t have enough greens and purples and that my browns don’t really go together–they’re all different shades! I also know that I do NOT need more black tops.

I have used this system for organizing the kids’ craft supplies, too. Could organizing by the rainbow end in you finding more of the treasures you already own?

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