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ImagesMy proficiency in typing earned me some very good jobs before I was married and has come in quite handy over the years. But until today, it didn’t make me feel like  Wonder Woman.

My kids have discovered Typer Shark, a free game you can play here: www.popcap.com/games/typershark  While there is nothing wrong with encouraging good typing skills, beware of the addictive nature of this game!

My five-year-old wanted me to play the game during our special time together today. I give each of my children (besides the youngest) a half-hour of my time each week to do anything they’d like within reason. My son insisted that I choose the Easy level so he could enjoy watching me progress through more and more difficult levels. He was elated while I played and kept pointing out when I earned a "new life." I really became entranced with the game and before I knew it, all of the kids were around me, marveling at my ability to beat the sharks. At one point, my 5yo who is Mr. Vocabulary almost made me mess up when he said, "Mom, you really have EXCELLENT typing skills."

Today I think I accomplished more than any typing program could have. I inspired my children to achieve. In the process, I enjoyed their admiration. Why don’t you give the easy level a try and let me know your scores. I died at Level 22, with the rank Aqua Blaster. I had 1307725 points; an average wpm of 72 and an accuray of 96%. Try to beat me or "die" trying and I bet your kids will make you feel like Wonder Woman, too. If you don’t have kids, have fun acting like one and play the game!

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