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Img_1862_edited1I am so happy to have more RAM. Before I upgraded, I could do a load of laundry while waiting for PSE 4 to load. Now it’s instantaneous. I was going to have a friend’s dh install it for me. The guy at the computer store tried to make me feel like I could be ruining my computer if I did it myself. Of course they charge $30 to install there (the thought of hauling my computer in for that gives me the willies) or $129 to install it in my home. When I got the RAM it said it was simple to install. So I dug out my computer manual (I was amazed I could even find that!), opened up my PC and stuck in the RAM and wallah! I then repeated the process on a second PC. Why on earth would I want to pay someone $29 for no more than 10 minutes’ work? Not to mention that it would take me an hour to haul it to the store and pick it up again?

And while I’m at it, I need to just say that I am VERY disappointed in SpaceBags. I was excited that storing all my kids’ off-season clothes was going to be so much easier. I do have a smaller Spacebag that is doing its job at the moment. But all 3 of the Jumbo bags that I store my extra blankets in started hissing as soon as they were suctioned out and are now back to full size. I already sent one of them back for a new one and the new one is doing the same thing. At least the blankets are contained and pretty well protected, but I don’t recommend that you buy Spacebags.  Maybe they work better in space.

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