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ChickenI spoke on making Meaningful Meals in Just Minutes (for Not Much Money) this weekend and the most common comment was that women wanted recipes. In the past, I’ve heard a similar comment on my get-organized talk. Women wanted more organizing tips.

I honestly love talking tips and recipes! But I believe that’s not where we’re lacking. Is our problem with getting organized or putting nutritious meals on the table really that we just don’t have enough tips or recipes? Even though I have drastically decluttered my recipe books, I still have more recipes than I will ever make in a lifetime. That does not even count the thousands I have in my files and in my www.bigoven.com software. Every time I get my Woman’s Day magazine or any of the other great women’s magazines I subscribe to, I have another large batch of recipes and organizing tips to consider.

If I would have given you all of my favorite time-saving recipes, many wouldn’t have liked them. There would have been those who don’t eat beef, pork, or fish and those who don’t use certain spices. I know how this works because I’ve seen the feedback Marla Cilley gets on www.flylady.net. She hears, "Oh I could never wear shoes in the house" and "There’s no way I can get my house clean in an hour." The women who make these kinds of declarations without being willing to tailor the tips for themselves are also the women who will not experience change.

In 2 Kings, chapter 5, Naaman is angry when he is not cured of his leprosy in the manner he expects. He must go through a process that seems pointless to him. We can all behave this way! We may wish that the Super Power would give us a magic recipe for the change we desire, but most often He expects us to use what He’s already given us. Go through your recipe stash and pull out those that can be made in a hurry. Make a separate quick category for them in your recipe software or in your files. Also make a list from memory of the meals you and your family enjoy and write the quick-to-make meals on index cards. On the back of each card, make a list of ingredients you need for the dish. Using a card file, you can shedule your meals for the week or the month! You could also use business cards and put them in daily order in your planner.

My favorite quick meals are broiled salmon fillets purchased at Sam’s, chicken, pork, and fish coated with seasonings I got for next to nothing via the Grocery Game (www.grocerygame.com) and crock-pot recipes and others I’ve gotten from www.savingdinner.com. One of the women who attended my talk commented that I didn’t have any ideas of my own. Amen! There is nothing new under the sun. I am not a chef. But I do have to make three meals a day for eight people, one of whom has special dietary needs (that would be me!). I do have a recipe for success, even if I didn’t create it. May the Super Power bless you as you undertake the important task of making meaningful, nutritious meals for yourself and your family. 

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