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Img_6041_003_edited1This was the scene in our backyard yesterday. The animals outside were every bit as excited about the snow as the animals inside. This morning a huge owl was perched in a tree in our backyard. I was so eager to get a good picture of him, I opened the door and of course, he flew away. If he ever returns (we hear him hooting quite often), I’ll make do with a through-the-window shot or I’ll sneak up on him. Thanks to my friend, Mell, I was motivated to take some good pics today in Manual mode (good job, right Mell? lol). I’m going to upload some of my favorite pics to the photo album here. Check them out and check out Mell’s fabulous photos at http://jezej.blogspot.com and my friend, Barbie’s, at http://barbie.typepad.com.

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