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Favorite_front_coverweb_3  A few weeks ago, I met a young woman in her early 20s. She had been invited to my church’s women’s retreat because she was "troubled." My sister-in-law and I gave her a ride home from the retreat.

When we asked her about herself, the young woman shared that her apartment was so messy that she often couldn’t find the papers she needed for her college courses. She also admitted she was "doing stupid stuff with boys." When we asked her to explain, she hesitated.

I could certainly understand that hesitation. She was riding home with two straight-laced Christian mothers, after all! Before she could respond, I told her about another young woman named Melanie Wilson.

Melanie was troubled too. Her apartment was so messy, she couldn’t find her graduate school work. She lived with legions of roach roommates, bags of moldy laundry, and piles of dirty dishes. She also dated a man who convinced her that he couldn’t live without Melanie…or the other women he loved.

I told this young woman that if the Super Power could change Melanie, He could change her, too. I knew I had to write Melanie’s story to encourage troubled women of every age. No matter how deep the pit you’re living in, the Super Power can bring you out. So You’re Not Wonder Woman? will tell you how.

Expected publication date is September, 2007.  A sample chapter will soon be available here. All profits from the book will be donated to charities and ministry.  Please email me to schedule a speaking engagement. 

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