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Img_8654When writing and speaking, I always seek to be sensitive to the needs of single women and married women without children. As hard as I try, though, many women feel I simply can’t relate because I’m married with children. In some respects, that’s true. I can’t know what it’s like unless I’ve lived that life all my days.

But I have been single and I do know what it’s like to be singled out–to feel like I’m not part of one of the clubs. Almost all of us have had this kind of experience! My heart is for all women. But because I’m NOT all women, I wanted to tell you about my Super Single Sister-in-Law, Nancy Wilson. She is a mature Wonder Woman who says she is married to Jesus. She is a global ambassador for Campus Crusade for Christ, a speaker, and the author of Chosen With a Mission, The King and I, and In Pursuit of the Ideal.

Nancy could tell you what it’s like to be a life-long single. She might tell you of the times she really wrestled with it, wondering if her life was as valuable as other women who had different callings as wives and mothers. But I suspect Nancy would spend most of her time telling you about how the Super Power has met her needs as her husband and has used her calling for His glory.

Nancy helped plan my 40th disco birthday party this summer and had a ball in the hula hoop contest. My life wouldn’t be the same without her. She often babysits my large rowdy brood so I can get away for a much-needed date with my husband. I don’t have grandparents who are able to care for my kids and many mothers I know are in a similar position. As singles, we are free to serve the Super Power and save a harried mother from the craziness at home. We are also free to go on many more exciting missions. Nancy has been all over the world and has experienced the joy of seeing many come to know the Super Power. She is mother to many spiritual children who lovingly refer to her as "mom."

So You’re Not Wonder Woman? speaks to singles and women without children, encouraging them to look to women like Gladys Aylward as an example. Please pass the book along to your single friends and loved ones. Most women will spend a substantial part of their lives single and without young children at home. That season of our lives is not a time to take off our suits! It’s a time to FLY…and to hula hoop!


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