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If you’ve read my book or heard my get-organized talk, you know I don’t think bins and drawers are all we need to get organized. But when we have the Super Power, we can make real use of these organizing tools. I am on a quest to get all my photos in order after reading the ebook, Save Your Photos and Your Sanity at www.organizedphotos.com. The ebook is overpriced in my opinion, but it DID motivate me and gave me some keep-it-simple advice to get the whole lot of photos and memorabilia tackled. The photo envelopes and negative envelopes they sell are also quite expensive, but I have been unable to locate an inexpensive and equally useful alternative. Just as an aside, I am using the cropper hoppers and photo boxes to organize my photos and am going to give their negative envelopes a try.

Save Your Phots and Your Sanity motivated me to once and for all get my memorabilia safely stowed and organized. I researched 12 x 12 file folders, but the expense (or time to modify regular files) is prohibitive. I have some excellent art files from Exposures for really oversized items, but needed something to store the run-of-the-mill memorabilia. I found the 7-drawer craft cart from Target and I am thrilled! Each drawer is a self-contained unit with a lid that stays firmly in place. In other words, you can just grab one of these drawers, stick it in your crop bag and go! Layouts, memorabilia and albums will not fly everwhere and won’t be bent.

You say you’re not a scrapbooker? This is an excellent way to store momentos, but the sky’s the limit. You could use this as a project case. Put your taxes, your kids school projects, work projects, craft supplies, puzzles, games, etc. and you are organized and ready to go. If you have kids in the car, you could stow different activities to occupy the kids each day of the week, for example. I think I need more of these! If you come up with a different way to use this fantastic product, let me know!

Save Your Photos and Your Sanity also has me committed to getting all my digital photos tagged in Photoshop Elements 5.0. When I’m done (and even before I’m done), I can quickly put together albums using www.creativememories.com and www.picaboo.com free software. If you’ve never seen how beautiful these photo books are and how simple they are to make, take some time today to check out these two programs.

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