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Img_1199 My friend, Mell, inspired me to post a picture a day.  I’m not the photographer she is, but I thought choosing one shot to represent each day would motivate me to post on this blog more often.  This was yesterday’s pic of the day.  We have a pair of mallard ducks in our pool.  Awww, isn’t that sweet?  No!  This is the second time this has happened to us.  The last time we had pet ducks for weeks.  The female’s wing was injured and the wild bird people "are purely a volunteer-run organization" and couldn’t help us out.  I finally got fed up one night and I cornered the duck and with the help of a dog kennel and a kayak paddle, the injured duck gave in with a sigh and was captured.  The wild bird volunteer was then willing to come and take the bird to be healed.  Her male partner hung around a few days and finally left.

Now I have a male duck that’s injured.  My friends asked today, "Won’t the wild bird people come get it?"  You just have to laugh!  Yesterday was the first day we had the pool open and this picture shows the kids trying to evict Donald with the hose.  It didn’t work.

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