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SharonIn a time when so many of the people in the public eye disappoint us, how refreshing it is to find someone who’s true blue. Sharon is one of those people. I just wrote a letter recommending her for an award and I wanted to share some of it with you.

If I were allowed to choose just one word to describe her, it would be perseverance. Despite personal trials that would disable most women, Sharon keeps on caring for babies. When funding sources disappear, she looks for new ones. When she is told she has to tell families no, she says yes on faith.

If I were allowed to choose a second word to describe Sharon, I would choose selfless. In all the years I have known Sharon and heard her appeals for help, I have never seen her make it about her. For Sharon, it’s always about the baby who wears the same dirty diaper all day. And it’s about the baby who would have died had a nurse not been there to provide emergency care. When Sharon, as one of the Woman’s Day Award winners, received her award from the First Lady, Sharon was the only winner to thank the person who nominated her – me. If Sharon is given awards in the future, her only concern will be with how it can help the babies.

I count knowing Sharon one of the greatest privileges of my life. She calls all of us to the heights of aspiration and to the depths where those most in need live.

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