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I just ordered a new bedding set for my bedroom. Our current set is off-white and dry-clean-only. Eight years’ worth of up to six kids has taken its toll on the set. It was expensive and is great quality, but the huge dry cleaning bill and a desire for something new motivated me to order from www.Ebay.com. I ordered a complete King set including sheets, throw pillows, curtains, and shipping for less than $150.00. That should have clued me in to the quality being poor, but no! Now I have to return the set that looks like it’s made from cheap pajama fabric at a cost of more than $30!

It often pays to spend more for better quality. There are online sites that have reviews of many products, but when you need the best information on what to buy, my friend and Wonder Sister, Jenn, turns to Consumer Reports online. She writes:

I subscribe to consumer reports online each year. It’s 26.00 but it is really my “go to” site for checking out what product to buy.  I think it’s much better than subscribing to the magazine because who can remember all that they recommended and who wants to search through all of those magazines to try and find which iron they think is best?????LOL

I used www.consumerreports.com before we purchased a new car and the fee was/is just $5.95 for a month. Well worth the price if you’re making a significant purchase. Thanks, Jenn!

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