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My Superman is usually so busy "saving" people $ with his book business that he doesn’t have time to shop for his Wonder Woman! The website www.wishbin.com can help him AND us by organizing all our wishes in one place. And it can keep us from making spur-of-the-moment purchases. If you like to surf the net like I do, you often find those things you’ve "just gotta have." Instead of buying them, add them to your wishbin! If you have kids, add their wishes to the wishbin, too. Then the next time someone asks what you or your family would like for their birthdays, you can give them a good answer–even if Grandma doesn’t shop online. Surely your no-net friends and family can find similar products at brick-and-mortar stores. AND you’re saving $ by not buying everything you want. Wishbin can import your Amazon wishlists, too! When I pull up a website, like Amazon, that’s supported by wishbin, the Wishbin pane to my left asks if I want to add it to my list. How simple is that? Here’s the link to my Wonder Woman wishes. I’ll be adding great Wonder Woman memorabilia to it, but for now I have included the Wonder Woman vs. Superman statue I reference in my talk, "So You’re Not Wonder Woman?" http://www.wishbin.com/webinterface/wishlist.aspx?ownerid=2692&listid=4444

I’m hoping you’ll sign up for Wishbin and that all your Wonder Woman wishes come true!

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