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Melanie has a real problem with library fines–always has. In graduate school, she racked up hundreds of dollars worth of fines. The only thing that saved her was the university’s policy of forgiving the fines as soon as the books were returned.

Last year, Melanie kept putting off returning her library books and racked up a substantial fine. She wasn’t too happy when the librarian who took her fine payment turned out to be someone she knew–from Bible study no less!

I had determined to help poor Melanie. I wanted her to be a better steward of her money by not paying library fines. I planned to send her email reminders myself. But today I received an email from my homeschooling support group about a service that will do the reminding for me automatically! If your library is served by www.libraryelf.com, you can ask the free service to remind you of your holds, future overdues, and past dues when you need them. I set mine up to remind me DAILY that I have overdue items. Isn’t that a fine thing?

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