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I recently had the privilege of meeting with the staff of Woman to Woman, the radio program my friend Phyllis started more than a decade ago. One issue I brought to their attention was the fact that I couldn't find it on ITunes. I later found it by searching for Woman to Woman Phyllis Wallace. I was thrilled. I absolutely love being able to listen to Phyllis's soothing voice on my IPhone as she interviews interesting celebrities and experts from around the country (and even the world). I come away from every show educated, encouraged and energized! It helps that I listen to her while I work out. 🙂

After my mom, Phyllis has been my biggest fan and supporter. So many of the things I have done and experienced have been at her instigation. Yes, she's my friend, but via the radio, the Internet, and IPod, she can be your friend, too. She wants to be your fan and your supporter as she does what she does on radio so well. She wants to bring you the shows that speak to your heart and spirit. My favorite recent show of hers is "Say Good-bye to Your PDI (Personality Disordered Individual)." It is advice that is right on the money for free! Give her a listen and if you comment on her blog or send feedback via the website, tell her Mel sent you! 

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