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I was doing a Bible study on Christmas this morning that asked what was most exciting about the holiday to me. I am especially excited about decorating this year. I have had most of the same decorations for many years and I bought some new ones that I am eager to put up. I also love to shop online bargains and Christmas is a great time for that. I have most of my purchases made already, but now I am shopping for birthdays.

I also love planning our family’s Christmas card, hosting several parties, coordinating Christmas outfits, and great food. This year I am especially excited as our family looks forward to a once-in-a-lifetime trip we will take together this season. I have more reasons to be excited than I have time to write about!

As I continued with my Bible study, however, a question caused me to stop and think. I will leave you with the same question: how much of your excitement about Christmas has to do with Christ’s birth?

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