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On Saturday morning, my 7-year-old son and I had breakfast
at Waffle House so we could enjoy some special one-on-one time. I shared with
him fond memories of my dad taking me out for a cinnamon roll on special
Saturday mornings and asked him to imagine what is was like for me at his age
having only one sibling, not five!

If you’ve never been to a Waffle House, allow me to describe
it for you. It’s a tiny old-fashioned hash-slinger restaurant with booths and
stools surround the grill and windows encapsulating it all. I haven’t been to
this Waffle House in years, because until recently, there was very little I
could eat there. Today I rejoiced that I could eat freely and enjoy my son’s
company. Against my own advice, I expected as much. What I didn’t expect was to
see everyone else at the Waffle House rejoicing, too.

As each new customer entered the restaurant, their name was
called out as though everyone were thrilled that they had come. It reminded me
of the cries of “Norm!” from the old TV sitcom, “Cheers.” Obviously, most of
the people who walked in were regular customers. I noticed that some of them
looked tired coming in from the parking lot, but were all smiles as they were
greeted. The new faces were welcomed as enthusiastically as the old. One man
came through the door carrying a bouquet of flowers. He gave them to a waitress
wishing her a happy birthday. She hugged him and I was astonished to hear her
not only thank the man, but to affirm him as always being generous and
thoughtful. Everyone in the place appeared to be happy and I found myself
wishing that I were a regular customer.

I wondered whether this scene will be replayed on Sunday
morning. I was sure it would be. I had to ask myself why anyone would want to
come to my church on Sunday mornings when they could come to the Waffle House?  Ouch.  I
have many friends at church. I am greeted warmly at my church. But not in a
Waffle House kind of way. And sadly, I must admit that I also do not greet
others in a Waffle House kind of way.

I continued to wonder in the Waffle House. I wondered how
many people walk into my church tired and leave tired, too. I wondered how many
people have birthdays that aren’t acknowledged. I wondered how many people
think their heavenly Father doesn’t love them in a Waffle House kind of way.
But one thing I didn’t wonder is why more people don’t come to church on Sunday

As I wandered out of the Waffle House, I wondered what would
happen if I began loving people at church in a Waffle House kind of way. I
wondered what would happen if we all began loving people in a Waffle House kind
of way. In that spirit, thanks for joining me here on my blog. You made my day!

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