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I know, I know. I haven't blogged my fitness progress. I've been distracted by having my purse stolen and being on national television. On the stress chart, I'm right up there! But I have been doing well since I started on Monday. When distractions keep you from exercising and eating right, just persevere!

What's going well:
Exercising first thing in the morning. I have gone back to my strategy of immediately popping out of bed when my alarm goes off. I stand up before I'm fully awake and within a minute I am fine. I know this is weird, but I take my iPhone with me (I use it as my alarm clock) to the bathroom first thing and it helps me to wake up to look at the fresh emails. I was thrilled that this morning I woke up before the alarm. That means that in four short days my biological clock has been reprogrammed.

The intensity of my workouts is going very well. I have been trying lots of new approaches to fitness that I will blog about individually later and all of them are helping to challenge me.

Eating is going great. It's become more automatic for me.

What's not going as well:
Drinking water. It is very, very hard for me to drink 8-11 glasses a day. I honestly hate having to constantly run to the bathroom. I am going to keep trying to drink more however.

Tracking my calories every day. The main problem happens when I am too busy to plan my meals on www.Gyminee.com. I'm still tracking some, but not every day. I want to get next week planned on Gyminee so tracking is easy.

Limiting fruit to earlier in the day. This was my plan using www.tomvenuto.com's book Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat, but since I cannot eat any other carbs besides veggies, it's extremely difficult to do. I'm not going to worry about it as I think I can meet my goal without it.

I'm off to the gym to do lower body. I don't plan to have my purse stolen this time. The good thing is I got a really cute purse to replace it. LOL

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