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I have been spending time lately with women who are avid gardeners. As I look at their lovely flowers and vegetable beds, I think, “I should garden more.” (Or more accurately, I should start one).

I have noticed women whose shoes, purses, jewelry, outfits, and nail polish are stylish and coordinated and I think, “I should shop more.”

I have been reading women’s blogs that are monetized and are followed and retweeted by hundreds and I think, “I should blog more.”

I hear about homeschooling moms who follow a prescribed curriculum or schedule religiously, go on fascinating field trips, or have their children in any number of impressive classes and I think, “I should school more.”

I look at recipes using organic, home-ground, probiotic ingredients and I think, “I should cook from scratch more.”

I check out beautiful handmade clothing, afghans, photos, and scrapbooks and I think, “I should craft more.”

I see picture-perfect closets and spaces and I think, “I should organize more.”

At various times, I consider that I should be serving more, writing more, playing tennis more, selling more, speaking more, entertaining more, producing more, reading more, playing with the kids more, cleaning more, praying more, investing more, exercising more, and even relaxing more.

As I consider all the things I think I should be doing more of, I am overwhelmed and insecure. Can you relate? As I sought the Lord’s counsel on what more I ought to be doing, I was reminded that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He whispered to me that I could let some of my burdens go. (Bye bye garden!) I was reminded that I am more than enough for Him.

What burdens do you feel the Lord calling you to let go because you are more than enough for Him?

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