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My kids had me watch this video and belted out the lyrics with gusto never seen in any other forum, including church. Unfortunately, the tune is so catchy that you find yourself singing it, even when you don’t want to.

Are you singing the same old tune?

This song got me thinking–not about how sad it is that people die as the result of doing stupid things. Rather, it got me thinking about the dumb ways so many of us live.

  • Eating junk. Sure, it can kill you, but even worse, it makes you feel junky while you live.
  • Wasting time. I don’t think funny cat videos are a waste of time, but media of any sort that discourages us is a dumb way to live.
  • People pleasing. I’m not talking about being a simpering fool, but about doing anything simply because someone might get upset if we don’t.
  • Focusing on anything but the present. Fretting about something that’s already done or is 99% certain not to occur robs us of the joy of life now.
  • Being self-sufficient. We weren’t created to handle everything ourselves, but to need God and one another. We have so much unneeded stress and experience so little love as a result.

Do you want to live smart?

I know I do! In the new year, I want to make some changes. I want to eat more vegetables, take in more uplifting media, be more purposeful in what I do, focus on the moment, and rely more on God and others.

How about you? Do you have any other examples of dumb ways to live? How do you want to live smart in the new year?

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