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When our baby was still a baby

I get asked a lot of the same questions. Reading the answers to them will help you get to know me quickly.

Does psychowith6 mean that you’re a psychologist with six kids or that your kids are making you psycho?


Are they all yours?

No, they belong to God and my husband is half responsible.

Any twins?

No, though during several pregnancies, I looked like I was having more than one.

Six kids…don’t you know what causes that?

Yes, and my husband and I like it more than watching TV.*

You only have one girl. Is she a tomboy?

Not at all, except she has a mean right hook.

What does your husband do?

Whatever he wants. He also sells library books to schools.

Do you still have a counseling practice?

No, I get all the practice I need with my family.

Don’t you feel you’re wasting your education?

If you knew my kids well, you’d realize a Ph.D. is required to raise them.

How do you do it?

I could tell you, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t approve.

Why do you keep changing websites?

I have BADD–Blogging Attention Deficit Disorder. Help me out by commenting to keep my attention.

*Credit goes to the Lowe family for this answer.

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