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I know, I know. Another productivity software post! But this one is really about a method of getting things done that is designed for paper.

It’s true that I change approaches to task management like I change outfits. But after two and a half weeks I am enamored with this approach. In 2.5 weeks I have added more than 600 tasks to my list and have just over 230 to do. I did something last night I have been putting off for two years. I feel that this method of getting things done is probably the best way to beat procrastination!

So what is it? I can’t tell you. LOL. But go to www.markforster.net and sign up for the Autofocus beta testing link for free and Mark will tell you! It is definitely easy to understand and can really be life changing.

I am using Appigo’s ToDo to access Toodledo for my Autofocus lists and I love it. Toodledo may be the most flexible task management software I have used. It isn’t perfect but it’s getting close! However, paper works just peachy.

I am off to mark “do a blog post on productivity” off my list!Get Focused

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