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  Muffin scoop
There is no meal plan, software program, or appliance that will cook for us, but that doesn't mean that these things don't help us get busy in the kitchen.

As you can imagine, every recipe in my house gets doubled. At least. Facing a giant bowl of batter to be made into individual cookies or muffins used to really drag me down. That's before I got the scoop. I am a big fan of Pampered Chef products because they are such high quality and completely practical. Unlike the vegetable decorating kit I once bought, my Pampered Chef products get used over and over again.

I have never enjoyed getting messy. Thus, I do not garden. My husband does. And my least favorite part of baking is the gooey fingers I get from sliding dough off a spoon or dribbling batter on its way to the muffin pan. The two sizes of scoops I purchased from PC make the mess a thing of the past. Not only that, but I get done baking so much faster. Yay! The large scoop is perfect for making big breakfast cookies pictured above (I sub Rice Krispies and chocolate chips and they're PERFECT) and for filling muffin tins. Pairing my scoop with my new habit of preparing breakfast and dinner together means we are starting the day with happy tummies.

What other kitchen tools make it easier for you to want to get cooking?


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