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No, I don’t suppose God looks like Clark Gable. But I do believe that our God isn’t just an Officer of the law, but a Gentleman of grace as well.

A few weeks ago, I was driving to my tennis match in a downpour. It seems that our habitat has evolved into a rain forest with as much rain as we have gotten lately. I hastily prayed, “Lord, it would be so wonderful to get a close parking space and for the rain to stop so I don’t get drenched on my way in.”

Now, I realize that there are plenty of you who believe that I was bothering God with my petty concerns. I will admit that my concern with entering the tennis club looking like a drowned raccoon with mascara running is petty. But I won’t admit that I was bothering God.

I have a single friend who was having car trouble one night. She prayed, “Lord, you are my husband. Husbands fix cars. Please fix this car!” The result was that she was able to get her car running again. I was thinking about her when I prayed my no-rain-great-parking-spot prayer. Although I am married, my husband wasn’t with me. If he had been, he would have dropped me off at the door!

After praying, I pulled into the lot and found the spot next to the handicap spaces open and waiting for me. That never happens! I typically walk blocks! Then the rain slowed to an intermittent drip as I left my car.

God is a Gentleman who loves to meet our every need. Today our niece got married. All week the big fear has been that it would rain during the afternoon pictures and evening indoor/outdoor reception as that was the forecast. I honestly wasn’t surprised that today is sunny and beautiful. I know people like me get criticized for praying for no rain because of the proverbial farmer who is praying in opposition to me. I felt very confident with all the flooding that NO farmers were praying for rain!

Thank you, God. You are sooooo good.

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