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Normally when I reference the heart, I am speaking of the spiritual heart. Today, though, I read a story that had me considering the physical heart. I receive an excellent newsletter on digital scrapbooking by Linda Sattgast. She shared the story of her heart attack at the age of 51 here: http://www.scrappersguide.com/heart_attack.html

Years ago that story wouldn’t have been a blip on my mental EKG, but now that I can see 51 up ahead, I’m taking notice. Linda wasn’t overweight, inactive, or a smoker. Neither am I. I hope you will read her story and if you or someone you love has chest pain, insist on a full workup.  Better to be embarrassed than to leave your loved ones lost without you.

This Valentine’s Day, take steps to guard your physical heart as well as your spiritual one!

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