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Here's a tip too good not to share. Got warts? Apply apple cider vinegar (I used the Bragg's brand) to a cotton ball and secure it to the wart with a bandage while you sleep. In the morning, remove it and continue the process for a few days.

Our experience with this for two people is that within two days, the wart becomes a black, deflated scab and can be pulled or will fall off several days later. If you're concerned about the healthy skin, you can apply vaseline to it before applying the cotton ball.

If you Google this, you will find the testimonials of hundreds of people, some of whom have had warts for years that have responded to no other treatment. What's really sad is that webmd says vinegar is an unproven method of removing warts. I'd like to see their methodology, because we have a complete cure rate with an N of 2 here.


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