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Mom 08

My mom has always lived about four hours away so she hasn't been able to spend much time with my kids. Mom is retired now and has been pursuing lots of interesting hobbies (karaoke, scrapbooking, and now writing). She started two blogs that have been such a blessing for the kids and me. In her personal blog, she shares stories from her past (mostly her childhood). I've begged her to do this for years and finally her brother talked her into it. Thanks, Uncle Keith! I now read the stories to the kids at lunch and we can all enjoy them together.

Her second blog is for her stories for children. I read these to the kids at lunch, too, or at bedtime. She uses pictures of my kids or clip art to illustrate them. What a joy it is to have my kids ask, "Did Grandma write another story?"

My mom is so creative. Leave it to her to come up with a wonderful way to stay connected with grandchildren across the miles.


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