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My husband and I have been married for 25 years this summer. I am also turning 50. These are milestone moments worth celebrating. We are having a Hawaiian luau at our home with 100 friends and family members. We honeymooned in Hawaii, so it seemed appropriate. I can’t wait! I didn’t think I needed printed invitations to make our celebration special, but I was wrong.
How Stationery Can Help You Celebrate Milestone Moments

Benefits of Stationery Invitations for Your Milestone Moments

You can invite guests offline. These days it can be quick and easy to invite people to a celebration via email or Facebook. But not everyone uses Facebook or checks email regulary. I am not Facebook friends with a number of our invitees, nor did I have their email addresses. Having printed invitations allowed me to mail them and even to hand them to guests when I saw them.

You can set the tone for the event. The second problem with inviting people without a paper invitation is that it can make the celebration seem less special. When we invite people using stationery like the invitations I ordered from Basic Invite, the occasion seems that much more appealing. I was surprised by the number of men who seemed delighted to receive the paper invitation. They commented on how nice it was, colorful it was, and how much they were looking forward to coming.

You can provide your guests with an accessible reminder. If you’ve ever struggled to find a Facebook invite or email for an event like I have, you know how nice it is to have a stationery invitation to refer to. I keep them in a hanging file folder after I’ve RSVP’d to remind me of the address and any special notes, like whether it’s a suprise party or if I should bring something.

You provide your guests with a keepsake. Your printed invitation can be kept on the refrigerator or bulletin board to remind guests of a good time to look forward to. But stationery invitations, like photo or  customizable birth announcements, are keepsakes that people use to remember your milestone moments long after they’ve passed. One of our guests has known about the party for a long time but requested a printed invitation anyway.

   basic invite birth announcements

Basic Invite Birth announcements

Why Basic Invite Stationery is a Good Option for Celebrating Your Milestone Moments

I was very impressed with the weight, quality, and colors of our Basic Invite invitations. I was impressed that the company sent extras, too! I was delighted that I didn’t have to lick or moisten the envelopes. They come with a piece you pull off to reveal the adhesive. I was also happy to see that I had the option of importing all my names and addresses to be printed on the envelopes for FREE!

Basic Invite offers almost unlimited color options. I loved the pre-selected color combinations of my invitation, but every single one was customizable. If you want a custom invitation for a baby shower, you don’t have to fret about how they’ll look after placing your order. You can request a custom sample with no stress!

Basic Invite Baby Shower Invitation

Get Started With Basic Invite Stationery

Check the top of this page for the latest discount from Basic Invite and place your order for your invitations or announcements. Basic Invite will make your milestone moment that much more memorable.

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