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Let Your Yes Be Yes to Achieve Your Goals

My baby boy was a bee for trick-or-treating. One thing I love about him is the way he says yes and no. He’s not much of a talker yet. So if you ask him if his diaper needs changing or he wants a cookie, he’ll laugh. I love that he says yes to things with joy. I need to bee more like that!


When my boy says no, like he did to giant dinosaurs at a science center or to food he doesn’t like, he ‘pushes’ it away. He makes his no’s pretty clear, too.

Let Your Yes Be Yes

Reading Getting Things Done by David Allen convinced me that not committing to the things I say “yes” to will make me feel guilty and stressed. I want to be like my baby. I want to say yes enthusiastically and keep my word. To do that, I have to carefully consider the time each commitment will take. I want to talk with my husband about big commitments and pray about them. If I’m not sure, I should say no. Every yes is a no to something else.

Let Your No Be No

Like my little one, I want my no’s to be clear too. I ¬†want to say no to projects that are too big for me right now, things that someone else could do better, things that I’m not passionate about. I don’t want to be wishy-washy and leave anyone in limbo. Saying no has allowed me to focus on my yeses and to have more free time.

What are you saying yes to in this season of your life?

Matthew 5:37 Simply let yourYes‘ be ‘Yes,’ and yourNo,’ ‘No‘;

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