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I have to admit to my craving. I wanted a Big Mac and I got one! I have spent so many hours hassling with PCs over the years that when my dh’s computer died this week, I plunked down the money for a Big iMac–a 24″ one to be exact. Everything is so much more streamlined and easy to set up. I pulled out more than a dozen cords to move my PC and replaced them with 3. The mass of tangled cords compared to the Mac’s was so ridiculous, my 10yo agreed I should send it to Apple as a commercial idea!

You can network Macs and PCs and you can run Windows on a Mac even at the same time as your Mac operating system. And you don’t have to talk to a man in India to service your computer. I had an Indian tech guy wake me up at 11pm and tell me to fire up my computer so he could make me rerun tests I had already done twice. LOL

If you are in the market for a computer, buy a Mac. If not, buy some Apple stock. You’ll either save yourself some valuable time or you’ll make some money.

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