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I got my Christmas present early and it’s an Eye Fi enabled camera. What is that and why should you care?

Right now if I took a picture while my camera is in range of my wireless home network, the photo would be saved automatically to my computer’s external hard drive and simultaneously saved online to Picasa Web Albums. If I were away from home while taking pictures, this same automatic backup would occur when I turned on my camera in a wifi hotspot or when I returned home to my wireless network. With endless memory set up, you will never run out of room on your card. A percentage of the oldest, backed up pictures are automatically deleted to make room for more.

The advantages are many and include automatic backup of your photos, quick access to online photos for blogging, Facebook sharing and more, and no more deleting pictures from your memory card on the fly. The saving format is flexible, the online sites to back up to are numerous, and the number of cameras that accept Eye Fi cards cover the range of budgets. Best of all, the Eye Fi cards themselves won’t break most banks ranging from $40-$140 for two cards, depending on capacity. Some cards will do the same for video that they do for your photos.

Eye Fi won’t delete bad shots, order prints, or put scrapbooks together for you, but it can make your photographic life a lot easier.

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