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It finally feels like fall around here. That’s probably why I’m in the mood to share some fall activities. I’m even willing to think about art projects, which I’m not a huge fan of. Hope you find something to get pumpkinned up about. (Sorry.)

40 Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Hands On As We Grow offers us this impressive list of things to do with the pumpkins that ARE ALREADY FOR SALE. I’m not ready for that, but I AM ready to try something new with the kids.

Photosynthesis Paint

That’s a fancy way of saying leaf print. This pin shares a paint-free way of getting your art in. I love it. Just be careful with the hammer. I always associate them with ER visits.

Fill in the Faces

This pin leads to a free printable of faces for kids to complete. Judging by my children’s penchant for creating similar funny faces in the kids’ church bulletins when they’re supposed to be listening, I think most kids will enjoy these.

10 Free Art History Resources

If you have kids who are a little beyond the making-funny-faces stage (but who ever outgrows that?), you might be interested in these excellent materials from Kathy’s Cluttered Mind for teaching art history and appreciation. There is a wide variety here including lessons, biographies, and lapbooking materials.

Detectives Unit Study

If you want to be ready for the homeschool doldrums (you know they’re coming), download this free detectives lapbook from Homeschool Share. Who says learning can’t be fun? I might have my kids look for a missing $20 bill. I haven’t lost one that I know of, but wouldn’t it be fun if they found one?

Free U.S. State Printables

I’m still depressed about having to do a report on North Dakota when I was in the fifth grade. Not only did I live in South Dakota, but North Dakota just didn’t have much of a claim to fame. I think that’s changed now, but if I had had these great printables to help me make my report, I probably would have had a ball–even writing about North Dakota. (Note: if you are from North Dakota, understand that I really don’t have anything against your state besides the bitter cold winds and the lack of anything exciting to do. Also note: I am kidding. Love you guys!) 123 Homeschool 4 Me has some incredible resources for doing a state study.

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