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Yesterday my husband, son, and I were driving slowly along an unfamiliar street and stopped at an intersection. The car behind us started honking wildly. I was sure we either knew the person or the driver was trying to alert us to some unknown danger. My husband thought he was just tired of our poking along so waved him on. The driver gunned past us and came to a screeching halt just yards to our right. When the man angrily emerged from his car and headed toward us, I had just one thought: Go!

I’m still not sure what my husband was thinking, but I do know he just sat there watching the guy approach. I kept screaming for him to hit the gas to no avail. It’s true that the man had no visible weapon. It’s also true that I’ve behaved a lot like my husband in the past when it comes to crazy people. I’ve just stayed put and taken a beating. No weapons were visible, but I was left bruised and battered just the same.

I am so thankful that I now know to steer clear of crazies. I am now fully convinced that I can never be nice enough to talk sense into them. I hit the gas! Thankfully my husband eventually drove on and the anger management school flunkie didn’t follow us.

Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered (Proverbs 22:24)

Do you steer clear of crazy or do you go round and round with them?

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