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I dig summer, for one, because I can devote time to some personal goals. My friend, Deb, posted her goals for the summer. I wanted to share mine, too, and I hope you will share yours!

1. Complete my top 3 scrapbooking projects. This may be overly ambitious, but I have almost finished one of them and it’s a major step down from completing all of my scrapbooking projects this summer. 🙂

2. Educate myself about investing. I have dabbled in it and now I want to learn it and then teach it to my kids.

3. Streamline and simplify my home and life. I would like to spend time purging files and toys and lots of expectations.

4. Have a ton of fun with family and friends. I doubt I will look back fondly on the summer of 2011 as the year I completed goals 1-3, but I may remember goal number 4!

What are your summer goals?

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