Snow Dare

Snow Dare

We had a snow day today and ended the fun by heading out to the hot tub. I was the last one in and my husband and kids were making fun of me for being a snow baby. Northern native or no, I hate being cold.

I knew my kids loved doing crazy things like jumping out of the hot tub and lying in the snow, but I didn’t realize that these things were called snow dares. The kids proceeded to tell me that they would have a lot more respect for me if I took a snow dare challenge. Then the hubby held out a nice warm carrot: he’d take me to a movie if I did it. What was the dare? Get out of tub, run to another part of the snowy yard and make a snow angel by flapping my “wings” three times before climbing back into the tub.

I was sure he was bluffing. I whined, “You’ll take me to a movie even if I don’t do it, right?” “Nope,” he said. “I don’t want to go to a movie.” Ugh. So in the spirit of confronting my fears in my forties, I did the unthinkable. Sorry, no photo available. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. And my dare was easy compared to my husband’s. He had to lie down face first in the snow for 20 seconds. We really are crazy people. At least I’m crazy about them.

Post script is that we saw the King’s Speech. Excellent! Loved it! The R rating is only for the f-bomb. Seriously.

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