The Trouble with Toddlers, Dealing with Doctors and More: What’s Hot in HomeschoolingThis Week

The Trouble with Toddlers, Dealing with Doctors and More: What’s Hot in HomeschoolingThis Week

Whats Hot in Homeschooling

This week, I have some great get-real articles for you and an opportunity for fellow homeschool bloggers to link up and share what’s hot on their own sites. I’ll highlight the best articles in next week’s issue. As always, click the article titles to read and if you love them, comment or share the hotness! God bless your homeschooling this week.

The Trouble with Toddlers

Elizabeth at the Hesitant Housewife offers no solutions. She admits, it’s just hard. Having homeschooled with five different toddlers around, I will tell you that’s the truth. Go ahead and try different approaches, but your best bet may be to hang on until the ride’s over.

Real Life Homeschooling in Photos

In the same vein, Elizabeth shares an unretouched view of homeschooling on Hip Homechool Moms. I know you don’t think so now, but those photos will become your prized possessions.

The 30 Day Mom Challenge

Raising Godly Children offers a printable for moms from IMOM that gives us teachers a bit of homework. I can’t wait to work on mine.

Stick Figuring Through the Bible

Stick figure art is all the rage, and as an art underachiever, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I love the idea of kids creating stick figures to help them remember Scripture. Check it out at The Curriculum Choice. It’s on my list of Bible curriculum to explore for next year.

The Hobbit: A Unit Study

Whether you’ve read the book, seen the movie, or just plan to, Homegrown Learners has a neat unit study for you, complete with picture of the smiling owner of a project prize for completing it.

Dealing with Doctors

Dealing with physicians and other health professionals poses a unique set of challenges to homeschoolers. In short, it can be scary! Heather Laurie offers us an empowering perspective in this The Old Schoolhouse article.

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God bless your homeschooling this week!

What's Hot in Homeschooling

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