Can Your School Teach Itself?

Can Your School Teach Itself?

Can Your Homeschool Teach Itself? It will feel like it can with these problem-solving tips to make homeschooling easier.I blogged about the book, The House That Cleans Itself, on Wonder Women and the great impact it had on my housekeeping and filing systems.  Lately I’ve been wondering if the principles of the book can be applied to homeschool motivation. I think it can!

The most powerful idea in Mindy Starns Clark’s book for me was the idea of working with what is rather than what we wish it were (I love alliteration, don’t you?). This concept enabled me to let go of the idea that I would ever be a meticulous filer. Instead I worked with what I am, which is a file digger. By filing everything in broad categories into large Pendaflex files by time (most recent folders in front), I’ve been able to find things but haven’t had the stress of the massive to-file pile. I then used this notion to help me find a solution to the kids’ bathroom disaster.

My homeschool isn’t teaching itself yet, but I definitely have some ideas that could move it in that direction.

What I Wish

  • We were early morning homeschoolers
  • We could get all our school done before lunch
  • The kids would do more work independently
  • I had more energy at certain times than I do

Working With What Is

  • We start school later now to accommodate later bedtimes. The bonus is I get more morning time alone which is my optimal work time.
  • We do the fun stuff after lunch. The kids bug me to do it which motivates me to keep working into the afternoon.
  • I work with the kids on stuff they would otherwise resist on their own (that’s the joy of homeschooling, right?).
  • I quit scheduling anything for those times when I know I’ll be too tired and got rid of guilt.

Stop Fighting and Start Flourishing!

Making it Work for You

Start by making a list of the aspects of your school that have been very resistant to change. Next, imagine that those things won’t change (depressing, I know). Finally, decide what you can do to make your homeschool run more smoothly, despite those less-than-optimal students and teacher(s).

It may take a while for you to find satisfactory solutions, but the process will be much easier when you let go of those wishes and start working with what is.

P.S. This process works with personal goals, too! Give it a try and let me know what happens.

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